Hecho en México

I could give a long review of this film because it touched me in a way not many films are able to do, however I think I’ll go ahead with the condensed version. This is only due to the reasoning that it’s 3AM and while I could wait to write this post tomorrow, I’ll probably forget. Hecho en México was recommended to me by a good friend of mine and if this doesn’t prove that this is why we’re meant to be friends then I don’t know what will. He knows I’m a damn frijolera.

Hecho en México is definitely a powerful piece that manifests that the hope of Mexico is in its new generation of musical visionaries. Although not directed by a Mexican himself, this man (Duncan Bridgeman) captures an amazing showcase of the voices and souls of Mexico. Rather than continuously focus on what has been called a failed state at times, Bridgeman envisions Mexico as on the verge of a new birth — embodied by the pregnant Virgin Mary bringing along a new Mexico with it.
If the fact that it’s just an amazing representation of what’s to come from Mexico isn’t enough, the music throughout it is pretty great. It includes some pretty cool artists such as: Café Tacuba, Kinky, Molotov, Alejandro Fernández, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, and many others.


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